Should you remortgage? Everything you need to know about remortgaging in the UAE

What is a remortgage?

Remortgaging is the point at which you replace a current mortgage with another one, either with your current lender or with another one who will ‘purchase out’ your existing debt.

When should you remortgage?

In case you’re on a fixed rate home loan and still within your fixed period, exploring your mortgage in a matter of seconds before your fixed period is because of end. Around two months gives you an opportunity to take a gander at alternatives. In case you’re on a variable rate contract, assessing your home loan once a year ought to guarantee you stay on a good deal.

How do you know if remortgaging is worth it?

To decide if it merits remortgaging, you have to work out whether you can recover the expenses of remortgaging, and begin to set aside money, inside a sensible period of time. In case you’re moving onto a fixed rate contract, you ought to look recover costs well inside the fixed rate time frame. This is on the grounds that you’ll return onto a higher rate once you’re fixed period closes and may need to remortgage once more.

There are three key factors that decide if it merits remortgaging:

– The feature financing cost of your current and new mortgage

– The expenses of remortgaging

– Any exit penalties you may need to pay.

A good mortgage advisor, similar to those at Dar AlTamleek, will almost certainly run a cost investigation for you and advice on whether it makes financial sense for you to remortgage. Contact us for the best Mortgages in Abu Dhabi now